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Do you want to change your Windows XP look?


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Crystal Clear is a mix of tools that allow you to completely change the Windows aspect, offering the user the possibility of giving its operating system a modern and original visual touch.

During the program installation you will have to select the different options to modify, leaving the program to perform some of the recommended installations or choosing the elements from a list.

Crystal Clear can add new visual elements, such as icons and cursors, modifying the window and menu aspects, and even programs and applications integrated in the Windows environment, like Internet Explorer o MSN Messenger. You can also add a very attractive toolbar with a shortcut to My PC, My Documents, My Pictures, Internet and other elements.

By uninstalling the patch, some of the icons will remain the same as Crystal Clear.
Crystal Clear is compatible with Windows XP (SP1, SP2), Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Media Center (SP1, SP2) and Windows XP Tablet.
It is not compatible with Windows XP 64 bits version.

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